3 Ways to Use Facebook and Instagram to Promote Your Event

Guest Post by Jenny Holt

Regardless of how you feel about sites such as Facebook and Instagram, you have to admit that social media is a driving force in the world. In the same sense, the act of friending and sharing online influences event marketing. Here, are three ways to use Facebook and Instagram to promote your next big event.

1. Use Facebook for Remarketing 

Remarketing is the act of showing ads to potential customers who already know about your event. The campaign tactic is ideal because most customers do not immediately decide to purchase goods or services. Remarketing online reminds them that your event is still happening and tickets are yet on sale. Facebook’s “Custom Audience” feature lets you give its users a gentle nudge by showing ads to potential clients who have already visited your event’s page. Custom Audience also gives you the option of excluding customers who have purchased tickets or reserved spaces at your event so that your online campaigning efforts can be more efficient.


2. Take Full Advantage of Instagram Posts

Instagram lets you upload photos and short video clips so that your event can be promoted up to and during the big day. Taking pictures of attendees and tagging them is an excellent way to start a buzz about a recurring event. Even if those viewing the photos are unable to attend this year, they may be the first ticket buyers for next year’s event. You can also introduce your event via a video clip on Instagram to help promote it. Remember that your level of enthusiasm in the footage can either inspire or discourage attendance.


3. Hashtag, Hashtag, and Hashtag again

Many event planners miss out on dozens of ticket sales because they fail to create a hashtag for their affairs. What better way to create a buzz about your big event than to label it with a catchy phrase online? Hashtags give customers something by which they may remember your event. The unique expressions also let you stay organized since every post that includes your hashtag is clumped together and placed on one page.


More than 700 million people use Instagram every month and even more subscribe to Facebook. With such large numbers, event promotion by way of social media is not an option in event marketing. Instagram and especially Facebook are always presenting new avenues by which advertisers can promote events that extend beyond the basic scope of creating an event page. You only need a little innovativeness to discover the many paths of advocating online for your next big gathering.