Product Dev. Insights: How we increased our on-boarding completion rate by 10% in 3 months

As a SaaS company, we know how important the on-boarding process is to help new users capture the full value of what we offer. As the familiar adage reminds us, there’s no second chance to make a first impression. This is especially true when it comes to a SaaS product, where users are expected to navigate on their own. This first experience with the product is critical in a time of intense competition for the attention and time of users.


For our team at EverThere, we had a lot of explaining to do because the concept and the company are new to people. After reviewing our less-than-impressive on-boarding completion rates, we dove into an optimization effort. Here’s how we did it some product dev. insights along the way:


Clear begins and finite ends.

Understand where your on-boarding begins and where it ends. Generally, the beginning is pretty clear. The end of the process, however, can be a bit tricker to identify. For our team, the onboarding process is complete when users create their first campaign. It is here they can begin generating qualified leads and can clearly see the value of our offering.



Winston Churchill once said, “Facts are better than dreams”, and the team at EverThere, we’re believers. We aligned our on-boarding process with our funnel and dug into the analytics to understand where completion rates currently stood and where users were getting stuck. From here, we outlined an objective. Though objective setting can feel like trial and error at the beginning, it should not be neglected. We understood our onboarding completion rates to be 15% and we aimed to increase this by 7%.

optimize onbaording process everthere

With a measurable objective set,  a clear understanding of the problem, and a UX-oriented team, we began exploring solutions.


Expectation setting.

We know how important it is for users to have their expectations met when they’re walking through a new experience. We dug into the current flow and designed a wizard to inform the users of where they were and where they were going.



We knew we were asking for too much information upfront and wanted to simplify the process to streamline the experience for users. Our team sat together and fought over every element in the flow, trying to eliminate anything that was a distraction and not necessary for completion of the first campaign. This meant less flexibility and less distraction.


Come back to it.

We added a checklist for users to know exactly what they still needed to do and to reward them from their progress along the way. We allowed them to save their campaign and return to it later.


Small doses of persuasion.

We featured a list of highly relevant upcoming events throughout the campaign creation process to remind users what they were designing for and to inspire urgency. This helped focus the user and create a greater sense of trust. Think of it as a gentle push to your friend as he climbs that lingering hill at the end of the hike.


After these changes were in place, we went back to review the analytics. In only three months, we saw an improvement of 10% in our onboarding completion rates.

optimize onbaording process results everthere

We made major improvements, as you can see, though we’re still testing, learning, and optimizing our user’s experience with the software. With a completion rate we’re happier with, we now shift our focus to shortening our users path to understanding the true benefits of our software.

EverThere users and non-users, we’d love to hear your thoughts and your team’s product dev. insights.

To learn more about Everthere Product Development, email me at:

Everthere Ice totally gaming partnership

EverThere partners with ICE totally gaming

EverThere is excited to announce a new partnership with ICE totally gaming, a Clarion Event taking place in London this February. ICE totally gaming has been ranked in the top three UK exhibitions for highest customer satisfaction, and expects 28,000 attendees at the upcoming event. With this partnership, ICE exhibitors can significantly boost exposure, engagement, and booth traffic throughout the event.

EverThere has 15 spots available for companies interested in connecting with ICE attendees. Exhibitors using the EverThere platform can drive targeted traffic to their booth or promote event-specific deals. Companies who are not exhibiting at ICE can use the platform to get their brand in front of a valuable and targeted audience from afar.

With the expected event attendance hovering around 28,000 people and EverThere’s average exposure rate of 71%, companies have the potential to reach nearly 20,000 targeted event attendees. Upon viewing the digital gift bag, attendees convert to qualified leads by giving their email address to the brands and offers they find most compelling. These companies collect enriched profiles from qualified leads for follow-up after the event.

Learn more about our 25% off early bird promotion here.

You can also contact us directly.

This offer is limited to 15 companies.

everthere raises funding blog

EverThere raises $1.8m for new verticals, deeper personalization and analytics

We’re excited to share that EverThere has raised $1.8m led by Elevator Fund to help marketers target and engage event attendees around the world. With this newly announced funding, Everthere will focus on developing deeper personalization and targeting tools for clients in expanding verticals and geographies.

Together, this set of improvements will help our clients in a few key ways. With a growing set of partnerships in multiple verticals and geographies, EverThere will provide access to larger audiences, on an ongoing and timely basis. The technology we plan to deploy will allow us to keep the platform highly targeted and provide even better results at scale.

This is also a great opportunity to thank you, our event partners, friends and clients for your ongoing support and trust.

We are on the forefront of a major transformation in the event marketing space and are committed to bring transparency, measurement and scale to this already highly engaging, very important channel. Click here for the EverThere coverage on Huffington Post.

Pathable webinar

WEBINAR: Hacks for attaining and retaining Sponsors

Recorded July 20th, 2016 - Collaboration with Pathable

Sponsors are from Mars Organizers are from Venus.. Or does it just seems that way?

What do sponsors want? ROI.. more leads.. more exposure. It seems like we really need to get creative in order to attain and retain sponsors. But creativity is running low and resources (aka, money) are getting tighter. So how can we boost that ROI and be our sponsor’s hero by delivering real results?

We joined forces with Pathable to bring you Hacks for securing and retaining your ‪‎sponsors‬! We got through some great (and creative) tips and tricks…and a perk or two along the way.

The Webinar was Co-hosted by Kathy Cohen of EverThere and Jordan Schwartz.

Click below to access the materials mentioned in this webinar and the slide deck.

Event marketing insight survey Webinar slideshow

To see the full webinar and its transcript follow this link



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Pathable webinar

Free Webinar: Hacks for Securing Sponsors for your Events

Join us for our webinar on Wednesday, July 20, 11 am PT / 2 pm ET

Sponsors are from Mars Organizers are from Venus.. Or it just seems that way?

What do sponsors want? ROI.. more leads.. more exposure.. It seems like we really need to get creative in order to attain and retain those sponsors. But creativity is running low and resources (aka, money) are getting tighter. So how can we boost that ROI and be our sponsor’s hero by delivering real results?

REGISTER for our webinar where we’ll go through some great (and creative) tips and tricks…and maybe a perk or two along the way.

Co-hosted with Jordan from Pathable.

Register for the webinar

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Next level lead enrichment

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