Customer Spotlight: Freshbyte

There are two factors determining the success or failure of every new company. The first is creating an efficient and simple solution to a pain point faced by those most affected. The second, developing a team of not only hard-working dedicated individuals, but also visionaries. The true key to success of every enterprise is the people behind it. Freshbyte began as a small team of two, but has now grown to over sixty employees. The founders of Freshbyte understand, “if you’re looking for a reliable long term team, which is a true extension of your company, start small and grow it from thereIt’s always about the people, not the process.” This proclamation is not only admirable, but proven, with Freshbyte, to be incredibly rewarding.

EVERTHERE at the SISO Leadership Summit 2018

The SISO leadership conference is one of the top events for event organizers. With a community of hundreds of event executives, it is truly a gathering for the who’s who of event organizers. The purpose of these events is to spread knowledge of new technologies and strategies among industry experts. The most recent SISO event occured a little over a week ago in Orlando, Florida with 200 attendees. The event was filled with info sessions, networking time, and other activities. Among the participating companies you could find teams from Clarion UX, Informa, Comexposium, Diversified, Access Intelligence, Terrapinn, BizBash and many more.

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Customer Spotlight: Salesgasm

What’s in a name? When Shakespeare wrote this, he was talking about a rose. But I think it applies here, to Salesgasm. At its inception, the founders, like all startup companies, wanted to find something to separate them from the already crowded events industry. They wanted to stand out. Be recognized. After tossing around many ideas the founders decided,
“the name Salesgasm, though outlandish, stuck with us because it accurately represents the passion and the zeal with which we work”.
My hat goes off to them, they found a way to not only create brand recognition, but stir conversation and intrigue about them and what they do.

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2018 Tech Trends Sure to Make Your Event A Success

It’s 2018, and that means you already understand the importance of technology in hosting a successful event in this digital age. For seasoned event planners, registering your event with an online ticketing platform is a no-brainer, and helps to streamline ticket sales and manage attendees. However, beyond managing your event digitally, there are a number of other event technology trends that you can employ to make your event stand out in 2018. Check out our tips below to ensure your event is on the cutting edge!

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Top 50 Marketing Events of 2018

Searching for the top marketing events of the year? We know that finding the right event is a big challenge. With so many options out there and with a limited budget for attending them all – choosing which conference to concentrate on can be a daunting task.

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Why Event Marketing is a Must

If events are not yet a part of your marketing strategy, it’s time to really consider the benefits you’re missing out on. Here are a few reasons why event marketing is a must when it comes to your marketing strategy.

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Improve your email engagement rates

Ready to boost your email engagement rates? Here are some tips and tricks from email marketing masters to get you started.


 1. Follow the Rules

The CAN-SPAM rules. CAN-SPAM stands for “Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing”. It’s essential that your emails follow these rules and avoids spam trigger words. Here’s a few rules to pay attention to:

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