Ad:tech New York

How Ad:tech sponsors saw a 17% conversion rate with EverThere

Event Experience:

Event name: Ad:Tech, New York
Industry: Marketing and Technology
Number of attendees: 3,000+
Number of sponsors/exhibitors: 44


Ad:tech needed a digital and innovative way to connect sponsors with event attendees


Ad:tech New York partnered with EverThere to to offer sponsors digital access to event attendees through a mobile gift bag. EverThere worked with 9 event sponsors and 7 digital sponsors to create highly targeted offers for the Ad:tech audience. These offers highlighted conference-specific deals and promoted booth activities while delivering qualified leads to participating companies.

Among the event sponsors that were featured in the gift bag were: SEMrushUniregistry, Sound Ideas, and Infogroup Media.



Exposure Rate


Converted Leads

Nearly half of the Ad:tech attendees viewed the digital gift bag and 40% had positive engagements with the offers inside. 17% of those who viewed the bag became qualified leads for event sponsors. Sponsors of Ad:tech walked away with 256 qualified leads.