Borderless Cyber

How Borderless Cyber saw a 26% conversion rate
for event sponsors

Event Experience

Event name: Borderless Cyber: Brussels, Belgium
Industry: Cyber Security
Number of attendees: 197


Borderless Cyber wanted to meaningfully connect event sponsors with attendees.


EverThere and Borderless Cyber partnered to provide sponsors with digital access to event attendees. Eight of their sponsors and three other advertisers created unique offers for the event.

Among the event sponsors that were featured in the gift bag were IBM, Tanium, Resilient Systems, Luminati.

Our event sponsors connected with the event attendees through the EverThere gift bag offers and we saw a conversion rate that outperformed other channels. They secured qualified and valuable leads for future engagement. Event attendees also benefited from the highly targeted offers they received during our events.

We’ve had a great experience with the EverThere platform and team which is why we continue to work together. This year, we’ll be partnering for our third event.

Dee Schur
Senior Manager, OASIS
Borderless CYber


Exposure Rate


Converted Leads

Nearly every event attendee viewed the EverThere gift bag converting three in every four viewers. Resilient Systems, a first time user of Everthere, saw a 70% acceptance rate of their offer at the event.