Liferay Symposium

A Swag bag success story

Succeeding at Liferay's 2015 Symposium

We were proud to work with the Liferay Symposium North America last month. The symposium brings the brightest thought leaders to share solutions and best practices, and to highlight how Liferay meets industry trends around digital business, mobile strategy, and collaboration.

The event, which was held on the 16th and 17th of November in Chicago, mainly focused on solutions around digital business, content targeting, mobile strategy, integration, and collaboration. The symposium provided potential and existing users with the answers and resources needed to achieve their business goals.

Amongst the event sponsors that were featured in the swag bag were: Red Hat  |  Youngsoft  |  XTIVIA

The EverThere team was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about the industry and best practices. They helped maximize the investment for all parties involved (event planners, sponsors, and attendees). I had a great experience, and I definitely plan on using EverThere at future events. Thank you!

Angela Wu
Senior Events Planner
Liferay Symposium 2015


Exposure Rate


Converted Leads

70% of attendees viewed the swag bag and engaged with the sponsors’ offers, with 50% accepting the offers and 34% of all attendees converting into leads for each sponsor.