UX Alive boosts email open rates with EverThere

Seamlessly connecting event attendees

and sponsors digitally


UX Alive wanted an efficient way to connect attendees and event sponsors via email. Preparing emails, preventing them from ending up in the Promotions tab, and tracking performance through analytics were a few areas they were looking to simplify and improve.


EverThere helped UX Alive manage activities with sponsors and attendees in one spot. The EverThere platform met the high UX standards of the company while significantly simplifying the distribution process. Emails distributed through EverThere went straight to the Primary tab of recipient inboxes and UX Alive saw very high open rates. Analytics reports were immediately available for the event organizers and event sponsors to view at the end of the event.


UX Alive was dealing with an incredibly particular audience: User experience and design professionals. It was essential that every touchpoint they had with the attendees and sponsors met high UX and design standards. The EverThere platform was a clean, organized, and intuitive solution to help them reach these goals.

The EverThere solution was very convenient for our event organization to distribute promoted product and services to attendees from our sponsors. EverThere provides real leads to our event sponsors to follow up with after the event. Great many thanks to the EverThere Team for their quick response and superb assistance throughout the process. This was an excellent contribution to our conference for both attendees and sponsor companies. We're really satisfied and would love to use the software for future UX Alive conferences.

Banu Elmas
UX Alive 2017


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