Creative Lead Generation Ideas

It’s time to get creative with lead generation. Content and automation have been highlighted as the best strategies for lead generation recently, though many companies lack the resources needed to successfully implement these tactics. That’s why I’m writing this post.

This article highlights three creative ideas for lead generation geared towards teams without the time or budget needed to create videos, in-depth ebooks, intensive content. Ideas that can be implemented quickly to start generating leads right away.

1. Help less, more

If you don’t have the time to produce lengthy guides, videos, and infographics, schedule a few hours a week to spend on sites like,, and other related forums. Be helpful. Answer and ask questions.

Setting up google alerts can be a great way to get notified when keywords you care about pop up in Quora. The goal here is to show your expertise and provide value without pushing your product/service.

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What you get:

  • Exposure within relevant groups and around key topics
  • Credibility, building trust
  • Content creation and sharing
  • Authoritative backlinks
  • Personal connections


2. Interview the leaders.

While you work on building authority in your space, interview the leaders. It’s a great way to learn, create valuable content, and expand your reach. Your goal here is to build your own credibility, provide useful content to your audiences, and build authoritative links. Check out this interview with Lisa Mae Brunson, Founder of Wonder Woman Tech.

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What you get:

  • Professional relationships with thought leaders in your space
  • Valuable and relevant content to share with followers
  • Authoritative backlinks and exposure to a larger network


3. Digital sponsorships

That’s right. At Everthere, we’re big fans of using our own software to generate leads. We advertise to attendees at targeted events around the world and receive thousands of focused exposures and engagements from it.

From each event, we receive a list of qualified, verified leads who have already opted-in and are waiting to hear from our team. This has boosted our email engagement rate significantly and has connected us with many current clients.

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What you get:

  • Significant increase in email engagement
  • Targeted exposure and engagement at industry events around the world
  • Easy-to-export list of qualified, verified, high-intent leads who want to hear from you
  • Analytics and quick setup


4. Stop overlooking your overlooked pages

Your “Thank You” and “404” pages are a great place to redirect traffic to your website and capture leads.

404 creative lead generation ideas

What you get:

  • Leads
  • Positive brand engagement

Now that you’re generating leads, learn how to convert them with these Lead Conversion Strategies.