Customer Spotlight: Freshbyte

There are two factors determining the success or failure of every new company. The first is creating an efficient and simple solution to a pain point faced by those most affected. The second, developing a team of not only hard-working dedicated individuals, but also visionaries. The true key to success of every enterprise is the people behind it. Freshbyte began as a small team of two, but has now grown to over sixty employees. The founders of Freshbyte understand, “if you’re looking for a reliable long term team, which is a true extension of your company, start small and grow it from thereIt’s always about the people, not the process.” This proclamation is not only admirable, but proven, with Freshbyte, to be incredibly rewarding.


Freshbyte began in Romania as just a web design service. Noticing that Romania has become a hub for software developers, Freshbyte acted early and quickly. But, just has the number of employees has grown, so has the number of services Freshbyte has built an expertise in. Today, they offer web development, mobile app development, design, IT infrastructure support, cloud management, and e-commerce. However, Freshbyte’s “main business is to enable big companies from the developed countries to have their own teams in Romania with reasonable costs. We do all the hiring, training and administrative work of the teams and all the client has to do is the technical management of the team.”

Thus far, Freshbyte has permeated local events as sponsors and event partners, looking to get the word out about the competency and success of their services. Looking forward, as Freshbyte begins to grow and expand their enterprise, they are expanding their sales and marketing team. Soon, we will see much more of Freshbyte not only in Romania, but across the globe.  

Since beginning of the partnership with EverThere, we have collaborated in hopes of aiding in their expansion. Freshbyte, on this partnership, exclaims; “the partnership with EverThere will allow us to target our sales efforts very effectively. Since starting using EverThere’s services, we’ve gotten leads from many interested companies from all over the world…We’ve already seen some conversion so far and have many ongoing conversations.”

So, as they look to expand their reach, what else can we expect from Freshbyte? “We’re now in the process to consolidate our services in a few service and product lines, which will allow us to specialize and focus our sales and marketing efforts.”  We look forward to seeing what Freshbyte will do in their bright future!