Customer Spotlight: Salesgasm

Intrigue Summit Event

What’s in a name? When Shakespeare wrote this, he was talking about a rose. But I think it applies here, to Salesgasm. At its inception, the founders, like all startup companies, wanted to find something to separate them from the already crowded events industry. They wanted to stand out. Be recognized. After tossing around many ideas the founders decided,
“the name Salesgasm, though outlandish, stuck with us because it accurately represents the passion and the zeal with which we work”.
My hat goes off to them, they found a way to not only create brand recognition, but stir conversation and intrigue about them and what they do.

So what is it that they do? Having been founded only three years ago, Salesgasm has had an impressive rise to the top of their category and developed a notable reputation along the way. With a mission “to make sure that the world has better and more efficient sales and marketing professionals and no company/department has to closedown because it was not able to market and sell its products/services,” Salesgasm is nurturing the marketing industry.

The Intrigue Summit event series has turned into a global phenomenon. With the next event approaching soon, in Sydney, Australia on August 30th, you might be wondering what it is that makes these events so successful. It’s because the format of these events is centered around human interaction. Rather than traditional lectures and panels, Salesgasm tries to “engage the audience in the sessions by giving them opportunity to ask/add value/agree/disagree to the discussions taking place on the stage.” Not only does this active participation make these events more impactful and truly educational, but many of the interactions and conversations have led to beneficial networking opportunities.


While the focus of the Intrigue Summits range, they always concern trending topics. For instance, the summit in Singapore divulged into Google AI as soon as the virtual assistant was launched. Staying on top of all new tech, trends, and breakthroughs is vital to the success of any marketing and sales department.

From attendees to sponsors, across the world, Salesgasm has received nothing but glowing reviews. The Intrigue Summits have been a huge success. Here at EverThere, we are proud that we could contribute to take these already incredible events to the next level. When asked about Salesgasm’s partnership with EverThere, Salesgasm exclaimed:

“The partnership with EverThere has been phenomenal. The solution has driven very high quality leads for our sponsors and we see a smile on their faces not just during but post event too. This is because the solution enables them to directly know and interact with qualified leads and they are easily able to convert post event”

So what can we expect for the future of the Intrigue Summits? The goal is to “organize conferences focusing not only in digital marketing but extend the branches to other intriguing areas like traditional marketing and other aspects of marketing and sales.” Suffice to say, the future looks very bright. We can’t wait to see what happens next!

Want to check out an Intrigue Summit event for yourself? Here’s a list of their upcoming event dates:

Sydney, Australia on August 30, 2018

San Francisco, CA on October 4, 2018

New York City, NY on January 30, 2019

Melbourne, Australia on February 27, 2019