Emailing your Event Leads: Best Practices

Nice work! You’ve just generated a ton of great event leads that you’re ready to start converting into customers. Here are a few quick tips to get you started.


There are a few things to consider when timing your first email. You want to provide your leads some time to settle back into work but you don’t want to wait too long that they forget how you connected. If the event ends at the on Monday or Tuesday, it’s fine to send the email Thursday of the same week. If the event ends past Friday, it’s best to wait until Monday for your outreach.


Mention the name of the event in your email subject line. You want event attendees to remember you and how you were introduced so they don’t group you into spam.

Example: The offer you redeemed at {Event Name} is here!


Your email should sound a lot like your offer from the digital gift bag.  Event attendees have already viewed and opted into this offer so remind them by mirroring the message they had a positive engagement with.

Don’t mention EverThere

These contacts are unfamiliar with EverThere as a brand because they receive the digital gift bag from the event organizer. Mention your brand and the event but don’t bother mentioning “EverThere” in your correspondence.

Keep it simple & concise

Remind them who you are, what awesome perk you have for them, and provide one clear Call-To-Action. What do you want them to do after reading this email? Book a demo? Join Now? Learn more?