EVERTHERE at the SISO Leadership Summit 2018

The SISO leadership conference is one of the top events for event organizers. With a community of hundreds of event executives, it is truly a gathering for the who’s who of event organizers. The purpose of these events is to spread knowledge of new technologies and strategies among industry experts. The most recent SISO event occured a little over a week ago in Orlando, Florida with 200 attendees. The event was filled with info sessions, networking time, and other activities. Among the participating companies you could find teams from Clarion UX, Informa, Comexposium, Diversified, Access Intelligence, Terrapinn, BizBash and many more.

David Audrain and the great SISO team arranged fantastically interesting symposiums. Holly Hoffman from Disney led a session on the importance of customer experience in a consumer-centric world and how to add value to events with this in mind. Liz Irving and Phil Mckay discussed how to create a more personalized, customized experience for buyers and sellers for event attendees versus event sponsors. Many other topics were introduced including how value is added with a better experience, how newfound technologies and tools can help with lead generation and exposure, and how to measure event ROI. These discussions were fascinating since EverThere addresses many of these pains!

Among the many educational panels and sessions, the SISO event also holds a unique competition known as the “Innovation Battlefield.” A battle between new and disruptive start-up companies in the events industry, this year our CEO Mayaan was able to partake and present EverThere. Competing among five other businesses, the bar was set high with very talented individuals and incredible ideas. The winner, of the 2018 Innovation Battlefield was Qual.io – congrats to Ryan and the team!


We are grateful for not only our nomination to participate in the “Innovation Battlefield,” but also for the ability to meet and coordinate partnerships with the many event producers in attendance. The SISO leadership conference was fantastic – we can’t wait for next year’s event!