Why Event Marketing is a Must

If events are not yet a part of your marketing strategy, it’s time to really consider the benefits you’re missing out on. Here are a few reasons why event marketing is a must when it comes to your marketing strategy.

Events provide a captive audience

Event attendees don’t just see your ad while they’re in the office, taking a short break from work. They engage with your brand while at events about topics they care deeply about. It’s likely that these event attendees are excited and curious to learn about new solutions and innovations in the space. They’ve committed time and money to be at this event and they’re excited to learn and network while attending. Engaging with a captive audience such as event attendees can significantly increase your brand awareness and sentiment while boosting email and social engagement rates along the way. This means by incorporating boosting your other marketing initiatives simultaneously.


Branding & product feedback opportunities

Events are an easy way to take the pressure off making a sale and instead focus on brand awareness and engaging with leads. You can get the product in their hands, give demos, talk to potential clients, and gather product feedback, all while collecting lead information for future follow-up.


Events provide a unique form of targeting

When you sponsor an event, you’re targeting a very focused (and interested) audience. The event organizers have already done most of the work for you by developing incredible content, marketing to a specific group of potential attendees, and inviting partnerships with relevant brands. Incorporating events into your marketing strategy is an incredible targeting strategy that plays effortlessly into your marketing mix.


Many event sponsorship opportunities to choose from 

As the budgets for Event Marketing grow, so do the available opportunities for sponsorships. Innovation in this space has taken off as CMO’s discover and prove the value of this channel year after year. EverThere is one example of these innovations, providing a digital sponsorship opportunity through a digital gift bag.  Digital sponsors pay only for the qualified leads generated at the event and allow marketers to capture brand exposure and engagement from industry events around the world (without attending).


Events are increasingly measurable

Marketers have been demanding channel analytics for awhile now and events are no exception. Event organizers and event tech companies have responded. It’s now easier than every to measure the impact of your event marketing budget and to optimize your strategy. Whether you’re tracking qualified leads, demos, impressions, or sales, the technology exists for you to understand the effectiveness of this channel.

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