Next level lead enrichment

We've enhanced our lead enrichment feature!

There has always been a tradeoff between how much information an event attendee is asked for when they fill in a form at the booth or give their business card and the likelihood of the attendee actually “converting” to a qualified lead.

In general, the fewer fields the attendee has to fill in, the higher the attendee-to-lead conversion rate is. So, how can you ask attendees for less information and make up for a more limited attendee-supplied data after? Or rather, how can you enrich leads regardless of the source?

That’s where our new lead enrichment feature steps in! Our system automatically scours the internet for information about people and companies from thousands of data sources and build an internal database.

Helping your marketing and sales funnel with lead enrichment 

Our brand new feature that will not only relatively and objectively rank the leads you generate at events based on data gathered and user behavior, but the majority of the leads generated are enriched with information to help you understand more about them and better place them on your sales funnel.

Here’s a better look in to what your lead enrichment would look like!

  1. Get the full profile of the person that opted in to your offer at the event

new lead enrichment zoliro2. NEW: Seniority and position indicator

With individual tags added to the profile informing us whether the individual is a decision maker and their seniority level in the company, now we can understand better how to communicate with them and encourage conversion.

Lead enrichment Zoliro tags 3. NEW: Get the company’s phone numbers for direct contact

Lead enrichment Zoliro Phone Number

4. Very high certainty that the information and email address is legitimate

new lead enrichment zoliro

So start generating those leads and get exposure at events worldwide without even having to physically be there. Through our strategic event partnerships and digital platform, you can gain brand exposure to relevant audiences and generate enriched leads from within the audience.