In-event Digital Marketing Package

Everthere adds a digital layer to your sponsorship that allows you to identify and engage relevant decision makers at the event beyond your current stand or marketing activities. Maximize your event performance, interact with the crowd at the event in real time via mobile, and generate more qualified leads and personal interactions.

Value propositions:

  1. Get relevant impressions and reach key decision makers beyond your stand
  2. Increase booth traffic
  3. Collect high intent leads
  4. Get clear, real time performance analytics and full profiles of interested buyers
  5. Enrich new and relevant customers in one click


How does it work?

Attendees will be able to access exclusive offers from exhibitors through our {event name} official digital gift bag, on-site. To get their offers, they’ll swipe through a gallery of promos and choose the ones that most interest them. Once they accept the offers, they’ll enter an email address to receive their selections. The email will contain all of the details they’ll need to collect the offer (visit a booth, go to a website, follow on social media, etc.).
Here is a short video that will further explain how Everthere works.

Users swipe or click the green button to accept the offer. If an offer doesn’t suit them, they can move on to the next one in the digital gift bag. Here’s an example of the attendee experience from a previous event.

This digital package includes:

  1. PDF file with some examples of offers that have worked in the past, which also depends on the marketing goal. You can get some ideas from there and build the perfect offer for your product or service.
  2. Personal offer dashboard to easily upload your offer – includes support from an Everthere expert
  3. A spot in the {event name} digital gift bag to present your offer/promo to all attendees.
  4. Post-event analytics dashboard for a clear view of your offers’ performance at the event.
  5. List of all qualified leads and profiles of attendees that have chosen your offer and opted in to connect after the event.


Your Sponsorship Package Just Got More Effective!