Zapier Integration Guide

Zapier is a tool that allows you to connect apps you use every day to automate tasks and save time. You can connect EverThere with any of the Zapier integrated apps to make your own automations. It’s quick and easy to set up – anyone can make a Zap!

By integrating your EverThere account, you can automate tasks for each new lead you generate through the EverThere platform. You can use it to create a contact in Salesforce, report the new lead on Slack or even add it to Google Sheet – the options are unlimited.


How does it work?

1 – Add the Everthere Zap:

As the application still works in Beta, you should follow this invite link to add Everthere Zap. From here, click the ‘Login & Accept Invite’ if you have a Zapier account -OR- ‘Sign Up & Accept Invite’ if you don’t have a Zapier account yet.


2 – Create the Zap

Click ‘Create this Zap’ to get started.


Zapier Integration Guide EverThere


3 – Choose Trigger

Make sure ‘New Lead Generated’ is selected and click ‘Continue’.


Zapier Integration Guide EverThere


4 – Connect Your EverThere Account

In order for Zapier to register each new lead your EverThere campaign generates, you need to provide your Everthere credentials. Click ‘Connect a New Account’. Provide your EverThere username and password and click ‘Yes Continue’. You should be able to see the account you connected, click ‘Save + Continue’.


Zapier Integration Guide EverThere


5 – Test EverThere Zap

In order to test the Zap, you need to have at least one lead already generated from your  EverThere campaign. If your campaign hasn’t generated any leads yet you will not be able to perform the test. To test the Zap click ‘Fetch & Continue’.


Zapier Integration Guide EverThere


Once the test is successful you can review the lead that will be used for future testing. Simply click the ‘view your lead’ link. Note: not all leads have all the properties populated with data, that is perfectly valid. Click ‘Continue’.


Zapier Integration Guide EverThere


6 – Choose Action App

Choose an action app by typing its name in the search field. The action app is where you want the lead’s information to be sent. Once you choose the action app, you’ll be able to specify what action you want to happen within that app.


Zapier Integration Guide EverThere


7 – Choose Action Type

Do you want your new leads to go into Mailchimp? How about into a slack channel or a trello board? In our example we will select the Hubspot integration and the ‘Create and Update Contact’ action. Click ‘Save & Continue’.


Zapier Integration Guide EverThere


8 – Connect Action App Account

Just like you did for the trigger app, you now need to customize the behavior or your action app.   Click ‘connect a New Account’ and provide the needed credentials. In our HubSpot example we are required to provide ‘Hub ID’. Click ‘Save + Continue’ once you are done.


Zapier Integration Guide EverThere


9 – Set Up Template

Here you map the lead’s properties to relevant fields or attributes in the action app. The more properties you map, the richer data you will get on the action app. In our example, we mapped the lead’s properties to HubSpot contact. You will see the values of the test lead greyed out next to the relevant properties. Click ‘Continue’.


Zapier Integration Guide EverThere


10 – Test The Action App

On this final step you will test the entire integration end to end. By clicking ‘Create & Continue’, Zapier will simulate your trigger (the generation of a new lead) and the action you configured will be executed in the action app. In our example, a contact will be created in HubSpot so we can then review and confirm it before turning the Zap on.


Zapier Integration Guide EverThere Zapier Integration Guide EverThere


If you don’t want to add another step, click ‘Finish’ and you will be able to rename your Zap and switch it on. You’re ready to go!
If you have any questions, you can email us directly at: