How to add my offer to the digital swag bag?

Add an offer to the Event’s Digital Swag Bag. This bag will be shared with all attendees who will be able to interact with your offer and choose those they are interested in. You increase brand exposure at the event, get 1:1 interaction with your audience and generate more leads. Here’s how to get started.

What is EverThere?

Everthere is an effective and exciting mobile experience that helps you maximize your sponsorship ROI by connecting you with your potential customers at the event.

Have attendees interact with your offer and opt in with their email to qualify themselves as leads for your future marketing endeavors.

Digital Gift Bag offer suggestions

Get inspired by some of our best performing offers from previous sponsors

Offer Structure

See the DNA of an offer. What each section means and its best practices, tips & tricks

Emailing your Event Leads: Best Practices

Congrats! You've successfully collected a bunch of highly qualified leads from targeted industry events. Now it's time to convert these leads into clients. Here's are a few tips to get you started.