We work as a channel, so while we do work with many well known events, to maximize the value in our product we suggest you enter your targeting and our team will be in touch with relevant events
The list of leads you receive will consist profiles of attendees who expressed specific interest in what you have to offer and opted-in by providing their email address.
That's basically what we do best. Behind the scenes, EverThere analyzes millions of opportunities to find the best fit for your message, based on the targeting criterias you provide. Account management services will be available for accounts larger than $5,000 to work with you on refining your targeting and messaging in order to optimize your results.
Everthere’s machine learning targeting algorithms will find the best opportunities for you automatically . in addition, your analytics view is live from the second your campaign is approved and starts running. You will have full visibility about which leads came from which event.
EverThere is an opt-in based platform which means visitors in live events choose both to get exposed to content and to sign up to your specific offer, thus qualifying themselves as leads. You will only get details of real people, that express specific interest in what you have to offer.
EverThere is a bid based platform. That means that prices for qualified leads vary based on your targeting, are priced based on the level of competition on your target audience and the availability of events that cater to your audience. EverThere has no setup fees or any other upfront or hidden costs. You simply pay for what you get.

Event Organizers

Many event organizers choose to sell this opportunity as an addition to their existing sponsorship packages. We fully embrace that and take no share of that sale. Go to THIS PAGE where you can download some product decks specifically designed to send to your sponsors. Or why not get in touch and let’s work together to get the best results possible.
Each event attendee gets to create their own exclusive bag that suits their needs and choose the marketing content they want to engage with. They get to enjoy an engaging and ongoing experience that replaces somewhat annoying, intrusive methods and have access to the offers available even long after the event has ended. PLUS, it incentivises your sponsors to add quality targeted and attractive offers that would benefit your event attendees even more in order to achieve their marketing objectives.
Show them how many new leads they got, who they are, what they do and what they’re interested in. Your sponsor will be able to increase brand exposure at the event, get 1:1 interaction with your audience and generate more leads plus have complete access to their offer's analytics at the end of the event and take action. This will help increase your Sponsor’s event ROI and provide them with real actionable results.
EverThere is not an event app, but it's the perfect addition to the event app you're using as it adds more value! There's no downloads for you or your attendees. We seamlessly integrate into over 50 existing event apps, and completely align with your branding..
No worries! What we do for event sponsors we can do for exhibitors too! Offer the digital gift bag as a part of their exhibition pack. EverThere is the first platform to create physical interaction with digital offers by promoting booth traffic, inviting attendees to their booth through their digital offer. It's also a great way to promote solutions and products from your own company or even promoting upcoming events.
It will take you less than 10 minutes to create your gift bag. We do all the customization plus you’ll have your dedicated account manager to help you along the way.
You have full control over the gift bag creation,its content, its distribution and who you collaborate with and share the analytics with. You also have full control over external offers that go in your bag, those provided by EverThere’s partners. That way we make sure that the offer is the right fit for your event and that it doesn’t compromise any exclusivity agreement or understanding you have with your sponsors.
Yes,we work with all event sizes and across all verticals. Chat to us! Let’s see how we can partner up on your next event.

Event Sponsors

Once the event has ended the Event Organiser will contact you with a link to the analytics of your offer. Once on the page you will be able to export the list to excel or .csv file and upload your new leads straight to your CRM. Visit our video tutorials page to see what the analytics look like and how our ranking system works.
When creating your offer you should first ensure you keep the attendees in mind. Offer them something that adds value that will attract them to accept your offer. Then, decide what your marketing goal is from the event. Is it generating a large amount of leads or raising brand awareness? We have put together an offer guide HERE with examples, according to marketing objectives, that previous sponsors have added and seen great results from.
EverThere is an opt-in based platform so visitors in live events choose both to get exposed to content and to qualify themselves as leads. You will only get details of real people, who are really interested in what you have to offer