In-event Digital Marketing Package

Everthere adds a digital layer to your sponsorship that allows you to identify and engage relevant decision makers at the event beyond your current stand or marketing activities. Maximize your event performance, interact with the crowd at the event in real time via mobile, and generate more qualified leads and personal interactions.

Value propositions:

  1. Get relevant impressions and reach key decision makers beyond your stand
  2. Increase booth traffic
  3. Collect high intent leads
  4. Get clear, real time performance analytics and full profiles of interested buyers
  5. Enrich new and relevant customers in one click


How does it work?

Attendees will be able to access exclusive offers from exhibitors through our {event name} official digital gift bag, on-site. To get their offers, they’ll swipe through a gallery of promos and choose the ones that most interest them. Once they accept the offers, they’ll enter an email address to receive their selections. The email will contain all of the details they’ll need to collect the offer (visit a booth, go to a website, follow on social media, etc.).
Here is a short video that will further explain how Everthere works.

Users swipe or click the green button to accept the offer. If an offer doesn’t suit them, they can move on to the next one in the digital gift bag. Here’s an example of the attendee experience from a previous event.

This digital package includes:

  1. PDF file with some examples of offers that have worked in the past, which also depends on the marketing goal. You can get some ideas from there and build the perfect offer for your product or service.
  2. Personal offer dashboard to easily upload your offer – includes support from an Everthere expert
  3. A spot in the {event name} digital gift bag to present your offer/promo to all attendees.
  4. Post-event analytics dashboard for a clear view of your offers’ performance at the event.
  5. List of all qualified leads and profiles of attendees that have chosen your offer and opted in to connect after the event.


Your Sponsorship Package Just Got More Effective!

Zapier Integration Guide

Zapier is a tool that allows you to connect apps you use every day to automate tasks and save time. You can connect EverThere with any of the Zapier integrated apps to make your own automations. It’s quick and easy to set up – anyone can make a Zap!

By integrating your EverThere account, you can automate tasks for each new lead you generate through the EverThere platform. You can use it to create a contact in Salesforce, report the new lead on Slack or even add it to Google Sheet – the options are unlimited.


How does it work?

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Tips to success B2B Marketing in a Digital Age

Tips to success: B2B Marketing in a Digital Age

In the B2B marketing space? Then you know how messy the digital revolution has been!

Remember the time when a sale actually needed some kind of human interaction — even online. Now, even if its simply finding facts or building brand relationship, your customers, no, scratch that, WE ALL rely on the Internet to do it all.

So, you ask your self, how can a small B2B-focused company get back into the discussion in this age of digital selling?

We’ve put together a quick guide to help you hack the digital revolution.

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proactive analytics

Reactive vs. Proactive Analytics

Avoiding The Marketing Blind Spot

Marketers often approach data from a reactive stance, in other words, execute campaigns and then turn to data and metrics to assess performance. Though, by the time all the data is analyzed, the next campaign is already in motion. This delay in analysis created a blind spot, during which marketers have no insight into what’s working and what isn’t.

While reactive analytics can help understand what happened in a specific situation. Proactive analytics allow businesses to make changes that improve by seeing developments as they occur in real time. This can mean taking advantage of a sudden surge in a specific products’ popularity or reducing production when sales decline as it happens instead of after. This method should be the standard approach of information gathering and subsequent decision-making.

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Inbound Marketing hacks

7 Inbound Marketing hacks

What is Inbound Marketing?

In a world that thrives on instant gratification, it’s no surprise that growth hacking has become such a prominent technique. After all, hacks help us achieve our goals in a quicker, more efficient way than traditional tactics.

Inbound marketing hacks are no different. It’s pretty much the process of helping potential customers find your company—before they are even looking to make a purchase—and then turning that early awareness into brand preference, and ultimately, into leads and revenue.

Gone are the days that a marketer only relied on outbound techniques like trade shows, cold calling, and advertisements to get leads. Today’s buyer is in control. According to Forrester, buyers seek out three pieces of content about a vendor for every one piece sent by a marketer, and for every one piece sent by sales. Because of buyer self-education, your job as a marketer is to be heard through the noise and come up with new ways for leads to find you. To be a marketer in today’s world, you need a solid grasp of inbound in order to truly amplify your lead generation impact.

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Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing strategy

Content is by far the most important factor in marketing and advertising. Marketers rely on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to improve search rankings, website traffic and lead generation. Though these days, relevance of the content to your audience is the most important factor you should consider. Content should be the centerpiece of your marketing. When content attracts and informs customers, it drives leads and sales.

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What is Proactive Marketing

What is Proactive Marketing?

Proactive Marketing = Premeditation!

Proactive marketing uses data to see what will contribute to positive growth. Being proactive means acting in anticipation of future problems, needs, or changes.. Proactive Marketing is much more than just a mind set it is an analytical approach that allows marketing profs to be agile, real-time, data-driven, and adaptable to the ever-changing needs and wants of both current and future customers. It allows you to create more engaging opportunities and get more value out of each user on a more detailed level. It encompasses all forms of marketing, and focuses on building strategies with a detailed understanding of a campaign’s audience, impact, and metrics for success — before going forward with the actual campaign. In practice, being proactive means benchmarking in real-time, analyzing data on the go and optimizing campaigns for higher overall brand value. Use data to see what will contribute to positive growth, instead of react to data that shows your last campaign’s success of failure.

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Marketing automation tools

7 top Marketing automation tools

Considering marketing automation for your company? It’s super important to have a good understanding of what to expect, and what the key benefits are before you begin comparing the tools.

Bottom line, marketing automation is about optimization.

From optimizing your staff’s time, to optimizing which customers your sales team focuses their effort on, the scope of marketing automation goes way beyond simply automating your marketing department’s repetitive tasks.

So set your goals and get comparing. Here’s a quick list of the top Marketing Automation Tools out there today:

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The Basics of Lead Generation

The Basics of Lead Generation

So now you know what Lead Generation Marketing is and why it’s super important in today’s ‘funnel’ world. Now let us fill your tool belt with the basics of Lead Generation so that you can tackle the Inbound Marketing world head on and ready to go.

What does a “lead” mean to me? 

Let’s begin by with the definition of a lead. What does a lead mean to your company? Many companies have different definitions depending on their sales cycle, but standard definition is a qualified potential buyer who shows some level of interest in purchasing your product or service. For the leads that fill out a form, they often do so in exchange for some relevant content or a compelling offer.

You can break lead generation up into two main categories: inbound and outbound. QUICK TIP:  Make sure that you keep lead nurturing and customer retention in mind when building your marketing strategy.

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What is lead generation marketing?

What is lead generation marketing?

Lead generation is the marketing process of gathering and capturing interest in a product or service for the purpose of developing a sales pipeline. Lead generation marketing often uses digital channels, and in recent years, from the rise of new online and social techniques, has been undergoing substantial changes. Especially because of the abundance of information that readily available online which has led to the rise of the “self-directed buyer” and the emergence of new techniques to develop and qualify potential leads before passing them on to sales.

Why is Lead Generation Important?
In recent years the buying process has significantly changed, and marketers now need to find new and innovative ways to reach consumers and get noticed over all the noise out there. Instead of finding customers with mass advertising and email blasts, marketers are now focusing on being found and learning how to build continuous relationships with consumers.

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