What is EverThere

We’re not just bridging the old world with the new, we’ve created a new ecosystem, one where everybody benefits. The EverThere platform enables advertisers and sponsors to connect with event audiences in a brand new way. Our vision is to modernize offline marketing and make it user focused, scalable, and transparent. Contact us to see what we can do for your advertising campaign or event.

Categories: Getting started, Video Tutorials
Categories: Getting started

Getting Started with EverThere

Get to know the first steps of how to use EverThere. Create your own event bag filled with targeted offers to engage your attendees. Collaborate with your sponsors and invite them to add their own offers to the bag.

Categories: Getting started

Inviting a sponsor to edit

Find out how you can invite a sponsor to add their offer to your event’s digital swag bag. You can send an email straight from the platform or alternatively get a unique shareable link that you can email directly to your event sponsor.

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How to get a preview of your Digital Swag Bag

To get a good idea of what your digital swag bag looks like, it’s a good idea to always preview it before publishing.

Step 1: Go to the preview tab in your editor screen
Step 2: Click the “Get a sharable preview link” button
Step 3: Copy the link
Step 4: Enter the link in your browser
Step 5: Add your email at the end of the bag to view the “offer email” your attendees will receive with the redeem instructions.
Step 6: Open the same link on your mobile phone to get the real attendee experience

TIP: you can send that link out to your sponsors/partners so that they can check out how their offers look in the Swag bag.

WARNING: The preview link is purely for PREVIEW and will not record any analytics. Make sure you DO NOT use the preview link when sharing the Swag Bag with your attendees.

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Adding an offer as an Event Sponsor

Add an offer to the Event’s Digital Swag Bag. This bag will be shared with all attendees who will be able to interact with your offer and choose those they are interested in. You increase brand exposure at the event, get 1:1 interaction with your audience and generate more leads. Here’s how to get started.

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Lead Enrichment Turorial

What is Lead Enrichment all about? The leads generated at the event you participate in are relatively and objectively ranked based on data gathered and user behavior.

Majority of your leads are enriched with information to help you understand more about them and better place them on your sales funnel.

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