How to make the best digital Swag Bag

Best Practices to get your Swag Bag as effective as it can be

Your event is coming up and it’s time to put together a killer digital Swag Bag for your attendees. We’re gathered all our experience, tips from our most successful Event Profs and great stats to bring you a few super important steps to take in order to make that Swag Bag the best it can be.

1. The Offer

When creating each offer always keep the attendee in mind. Think about what interests them most, why they came to your event and what they hope to get out of it. The most attractive and successful offers are always attendee focused, offering them something of value.

Here are some tips about building your offer:

swag bag offer set up

Creating the offer: 

creating your swag bag offer gif

2. The Preview

To get a good idea of what your bag looks like, it’s a good idea to always preview it before publishing.

swag bag preview example

Step 1: Go to the preview tab in your editor screen

Step 2: Click the “Get a sharable preview link” button

Step 3: Copy the link

Step 4: Enter the link in your browser

Step 5: Add your email at the end of the bag to view the “offer email” your attendees will receive with the redeem instructions.

Step 6: Open the same link on your mobile phone to get the real attendee experience

TIP: you can send that link out to your sponsors/partners so that they can check out how their offers look in the Swag bag.

WARNING: The preview link is purely for PREVIEW and will not record any analytics. Make sure you DO NOT use the preview link when sharing the Swag Bag with your attendees.

3. The Timing

The timing of the emails is the MOST important part. If it is not sent at the right time the bag may not get the best performance and we want your sponsors to have the best chance and exposure.

We have tested this many times to make sure we know exactly what times works best and those moments are the best! And here are the conclusions:

1. The beginning of the event | Registration/welcome time:

This is the MOST engaging time for the attendees. This is the time where most of them will open the mail.

2. The middle of the event: 

  • If it’s a one day event – at a break towards the end of the day
  • If it’s a multiple day event – at the morning gathering before the first session begins

Important TIPS:

  • Dedicated email: When sending the link in an email that is not specifically dedicated to the swag bag it gets lost in the noise and other content.
  • Send in the reinforcements: We always recommend to send a second dedicated email to get those who might have missed the first blast.

WARNING: If you send the email anytime before the event it will lose the instantaneous effect it should have and the sense of urgency to claim the offers.

Here is an example of the 2 Emails:

Swag bag distribution email example

But don’t take our word for it, check some case studies from previous events and their results.

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