Why Event Marketing is a Must

If events are not yet a part of your marketing strategy, it’s time to really consider the benefits you’re missing out on. Here are a few reasons why event marketing is a must when it comes to your marketing strategy.

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Improve your email engagement rates

Ready to boost your email engagement rates? Here are some tips and tricks from email marketing masters to get you started.


 1. Follow the Rules

The CAN-SPAM rules. CAN-SPAM stands for “Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing”. It’s essential that your emails follow these rules and avoids spam trigger words. Here’s a few rules to pay attention to:

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How Analytics and Data are Driving Event Marketing and Planning

The power and transparency that analytics can deliver Event Marketers and Planners is profound, yet few are taking advantage of it.

Currently, only 25 percent of businesses are utilizing their data efficiently according to an eMarketer report. This means that there are a lot of missed opportunities. Data can be analyzed to uncover ways to drive engagement, expand reach, and grow your business. Event marketing represents a segment that is particularly susceptible to email and other data analytics.

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8 Guaranteed Ways to Get the Most Out of an Event

conference everthere

Whether you’re hosting your own event or sponsoring another, getting facetime with potential

and current customers is an unbeatable marketing strategy that online marketing simply cannot

replace. While putting on your own production takes up a lot of time and effort, not to mention

requires very particular expertise, sponsoring industry conferences, trade shows or summits can be the tipping point to help close deals and establish brand awareness.

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Creative Lead Generation Ideas

creative lead generation ideas

It’s time to get creative with lead generation. Content and automation have been highlighted as the best strategies for lead generation recently, though many companies lack the resources needed to successfully implement these tactics. That’s why I’m writing this post.

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Tips on Influencer Marketing for Event Planners

influencer marketing event planners

Influencer marketing is a hot button topic right now. The good news for event planners is that you often have a ready supply of influencers for your events. These are your speakers and exhibitors, because they have already expressed interest in, and support for, your product or service.

The idea behind influencer marketing is that you identify those people whom your target customer looks to and trusts when they are trying to decide which product to buy. They may be celebrities, politicians, well-known locals, or others whose opinions are trusted by the people you are trying to reach.

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EverThere raises $1.8m for new verticals, deeper personalization and analytics

everthere raises funding blog

EverThere has raised $1.8m led by Elevator Fund to help marketers target and engage event attendees around the world through a digital gift bag. With this newly announced funding, Everthere will focus on developing deeper personalization and targeting tools for clients in expanding verticals and geographies.

Together, this set of improvements will help our clients in a few key ways. With a growing set of partnerships in multiple verticals and geographies, EverThere will provide access to larger audiences, on an ongoing and timely basis. The technology we plan to deploy will allow us to keep the platform highly targeted and provide even better results at scale.

This is also a great opportunity to thank you, our event partners, friends and clients for your ongoing support and trust.

We are on the forefront of a major transformation in the event marketing space and are committed to bring transparency, measurement and scale to this already highly engaging, very important channel. Click here for the EverThere coverage on Huffington Post.

Combining cold calling and emailing to sell your sponsorship package

cold calling and cold emailing

If you’re like me then the first thing you thought of when it came to cold calling is.. “AHHHHHHH” and I always just chose to resort to cold emailing... that was the safe option. But as time went on I realized that in essence cold calling is the art of approaching someone, professionally, openly and meaningfully, with a sensible proposition. So to make cold calls more appealing we need to stop thinking of them as COLD calls and start thinking of them as “introductory” calls instead.

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Creating event hype with the power of FOMO

Creating event hype with the power of FOMO

Ever felt that sinking feeling of regret when deciding not to go to an event at the last minute, or went to the hottest restaurant and ordered the wrong thing.. or even booked a vacation with your friends only because they’re all going and you’re afraid of missing out?  Sound familiar? What you are experiencing is FOMO—and you are not alone!

While it sounds like an infectious disease, FOMO (fear of missing out) has helped create a booming industry focused on live events. According to a new study by Eventbrite, 69 percent of millennials experience FOMO when they can’t attend something that their family or friends are going to. They would rather spend money on experiences, like concerts, festivals, sports or parties, instead of buying tangible products.

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7 steps to create an effective KPI for your event

7 steps to create an effective KPI for your event

**find your free downloadable KPI builder at the bottom of this post

Quite a lot has been written about why setting goals and choosing success factors is so important for your event success. Though sometimes we face issues when it comes to that crucial moment in setting a goal, or more specifically a KPI, (Key performance indicator) in place.

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