Ben Scheim: EverThere is the best addition to your sponsorship package


Ben Scheim, co-founder of Crowdcentric and advisor and former Global Director of Social Media Week, shares his experiences in the event industry with us, his challenges and the reason why he believes EverThere is the perfect addition to your sponsorship package in order to prove REAL event ROI to your event sponsors.

“Enter EverThere: when I first heard about it and how it worked, I suddenly realized — wow, THIS is exactly what we’ve always needed” Ben Scheim

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Success at the Enterprise UX event

Enterprise UX case study

The Enterprise UX 2015 conference was dedicated to delivering useful, delightful, and humane Success of EverThere at enterprise UXexperiences to people who work for and in enterprises.

Number of attendees: 480
Location: San Antonio – Texas
Date Held: 13 – 15 of May 2015


Mid- and senior-level UX practitioners and team leaders, product managers, engineers, developers, marketers, and decision-makers.

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Combining cold calling and emailing to sell your sponsorship package

cold calling and cold emailing

If you’re like me then the first thing you thought of when it came to cold calling is.. “AHHHHHHH” and I always just chose to resort to cold emailing... that was the safe option. But as time went on I realized that in essence cold calling is the art of approaching someone, professionally, openly and meaningfully, with a sensible proposition. So to make cold calls more appealing we need to stop thinking of them as COLD calls and start thinking of them as “introductory” calls instead.

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