Free Webinar: Hacks for Securing Sponsors for your Events

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Sponsors are from Mars Organizers are from Venus.. Or it just seems that way?

What do sponsors want? ROI.. more leads.. more exposure.. It seems like we really need to get creative in order to attain and retain those sponsors. But creativity is running low and resources (aka, money) are getting tighter. So how can we boost that ROI and be our sponsor’s hero by delivering real results?

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Co-hosted with Jordan from Pathable.

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5 hacks on networking in events [INFOGRAPHIC]

5 hacks to networking in events blog head

It was about a year ago. A few months into the startup experience a friend texted me at around 11pm saying I HAD to go to with him to an event organized by one of the leading startup incubators in Israel and meet some of the guys.

When we arrived I literally felt like I was crashing someone’s bar mitzvah. The place was crowded with people I didn’t know alongside their friends and some of the local startup scene “celebrities”.
There I was, holding my jacket, watching the action around me, completely lost. Approaching random people just seemed inappropriate and interrupting a conversation seemed way too rude.

Don’t get me wrong, I can be a very talkative person but this whole setup made me feel way out of my skin. So I thought I’d put together 5 hacks to networking in events so you can keep them on your superhero toolbox the next time you attend an event.. and hopefully make life a little easier!

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Success at the Enterprise UX event

Enterprise UX case study

The Enterprise UX 2015 conference was dedicated to delivering useful, delightful, and humane Success of EverThere at enterprise UXexperiences to people who work for and in enterprises.

Number of attendees: 480
Location: San Antonio – Texas
Date Held: 13 – 15 of May 2015


Mid- and senior-level UX practitioners and team leaders, product managers, engineers, developers, marketers, and decision-makers.

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Combining cold calling and emailing to sell your sponsorship package

cold calling and cold emailing

If you’re like me then the first thing you thought of when it came to cold calling is.. “AHHHHHHH” and I always just chose to resort to cold emailing... that was the safe option. But as time went on I realized that in essence cold calling is the art of approaching someone, professionally, openly and meaningfully, with a sensible proposition. So to make cold calls more appealing we need to stop thinking of them as COLD calls and start thinking of them as “introductory” calls instead.

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Creating event hype with the power of FOMO

Creating event hype with the power of FOMO

Ever felt that sinking feeling of regret when deciding not to go to an event at the last minute, or went to the hottest restaurant and ordered the wrong thing.. or even booked a vacation with your friends only because they’re all going and you’re afraid of missing out?  Sound familiar? What you are experiencing is FOMO—and you are not alone!

While it sounds like an infectious disease, FOMO (fear of missing out) has helped create a booming industry focused on live events. According to a new study by Eventbrite, 69 percent of millennials experience FOMO when they can’t attend something that their family or friends are going to. They would rather spend money on experiences, like concerts, festivals, sports or parties, instead of buying tangible products.

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7 steps to create an effective KPI for your event

7 steps to create an effective KPI for your event

**find your free downloadable KPI builder at the bottom of this post

Quite a lot has been written about why setting goals and choosing success factors is so important for your event success. Though sometimes we face issues when it comes to that crucial moment in setting a goal, or more specifically a KPI, (Key performance indicator) in place.

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4 videos to help bring your event design to the next level

event design to the next level

For Michaela O’Connor Abrams, president at Dwell Media, and keynote speaker at the 2013 ECEF, event design is not just about booth layouts, room setups, and decor. She says that “It transcends aesthetics, It’s fundamental to everything we do.” And now more than ever, design can make or break a meeting or event.

In the past, events typically followed the standard norm, a grand exhibition room filled with vendors that had attendees walking up and down the isles.  But… we still remain in the constant hustle to stand out, be different with our events. We ask ourselves “How is this appealing to my audience?” “How does my event stand out from others?” And to be honest, if you stick with the standard, the answer would be..  it probably doesn’t. In her keynote speech, “Why Event Design Matters” the Michaela sums up why event design is such a critical aspect in making your attendee’s overall experience worthwhile.

Below are 4 great videos to help you bring your event design to the next level and inspire your event design innovation.

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6 tips to secure your event sponsorship

6 tips to secure your event sponsorship

But It’s not just the big events that draw the sponsors in.. Small, local events also have peaked the interest of corporate sponsors for a more direct market approach.

Why is event sponsorship so important? Well, Quite simply, it brings in the money and thus allowing you the freedom to build the optimum event for your audience. Done correctly, a corporate sponsor can bring in a lot of money and build important relationships. Done poorly, it can cost money and waste many people’s time.

We’ve done a search and gathered the top 6  tips on soliciting, acquiring and retaining event sponsorship. It’s not a definitive “guide” per se, but a good starting point to get you on your way.

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