Success at the Enterprise UX event

Enterprise UX case study

The Enterprise UX 2015 conference was dedicated to delivering useful, delightful, and humane Success of EverThere at enterprise UXexperiences to people who work for and in enterprises.

Number of attendees: 480
Location: San Antonio – Texas
Date Held: 13 – 15 of May 2015


Mid- and senior-level UX practitioners and team leaders, product managers, engineers, developers, marketers, and decision-makers.

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7 steps to create an effective KPI for your event

7 steps to create an effective KPI for your event

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Quite a lot has been written about why setting goals and choosing success factors is so important for your event success. Though sometimes we face issues when it comes to that crucial moment in setting a goal, or more specifically a KPI, (Key performance indicator) in place.

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4 videos to help bring your event design to the next level

event design to the next level

For Michaela O’Connor Abrams, president at Dwell Media, and keynote speaker at the 2013 ECEF, event design is not just about booth layouts, room setups, and decor. She says that “It transcends aesthetics, It’s fundamental to everything we do.” And now more than ever, design can make or break a meeting or event.

In the past, events typically followed the standard norm, a grand exhibition room filled with vendors that had attendees walking up and down the isles.  But… we still remain in the constant hustle to stand out, be different with our events. We ask ourselves “How is this appealing to my audience?” “How does my event stand out from others?” And to be honest, if you stick with the standard, the answer would be..  it probably doesn’t. In her keynote speech, “Why Event Design Matters” the Michaela sums up why event design is such a critical aspect in making your attendee’s overall experience worthwhile.

Below are 4 great videos to help you bring your event design to the next level and inspire your event design innovation.

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