Creative Lead Generation Ideas

creative lead generation ideas

It’s time to get creative with lead generation. Content and automation have been highlighted as the best strategies for lead generation recently, though many companies lack the resources needed to successfully implement these tactics. That’s why I’m writing this post.

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8 awesome lead conversion strategies

Lead conversion

As a Marketing or Sales professional, your time is your most critical asset, and how you choose to spend it is an incredibly important decision. Your customers are busy people too, so it’s in both your best interests to make the whole buying process as efficient as possible.

1. Qualify your leads better up front

Unqualified = major time waster since not everyone is a prime prospect for your products or services. Be sure to concentrate on qualified prospects, rather than offering your product or service to people who are unreceptive, not ready for, cannot pay for and are not interested in what you’re offering. Qualify your leads by offering very specific propositions to ensure that the people who respond are only those who have the desire, the capacity and the motivation to buy your product or service.

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Next level lead enrichment

Lead enrichment blog header

There has always been a tradeoff between how much information an event attendee is asked for when they fill in a form at the booth or give their business card and the likelihood of the attendee actually “converting” to a qualified lead.

In general, the fewer fields the attendee has to fill in, the higher the attendee-to-lead conversion rate is. So, how can you ask attendees for less information and make up for a more limited attendee-supplied data after? Or rather, how can you enrich leads regardless of the source?

That’s where our new lead enrichment feature steps in! Our system automatically scours the internet for information about people and companies from thousands of data sources and build an internal database.

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