Improve your email engagement rates

Ready to boost your email engagement rates? Here are some tips and tricks from email marketing masters to get you started.


 1. Follow the Rules

The CAN-SPAM rules. CAN-SPAM stands for “Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing”. It’s essential that your emails follow these rules and avoids spam trigger words. Here’s a few rules to pay attention to:

  • Include your company’s postal address in every email
  • Make opt out easy
  • Use a clear “To”, “From”, “Reply to” so it’s obvious who the email is coming from
  • Do not sell your email list
  • Avoid these spam trigger words


2. Keep it personal.

Send your email from a human, not from your company. This increases open rates and establishes trust. People are bombarded with emails lately and are on high alert for spam. Try to ditch the marketing jargon and write more casually, as though you’re speaking to someone (assuming this fits your brand guidelines). It helps to have a clearly defined persona and a deep understanding of your target audience.



3. Email new contacts right away.

In under 24 hours they should have a welcome email from you. When someone signs up to your email list, you’re top-of-mind. They are eager to experience the value you’ve offered. Take the opportunity to introduce yourself and get them engaged with your brand right away. Consider  a welcome message asking for content suggestions or a question about a pain point they have (that you can help solve).



4. Write powerful preview text.

Most email clients show a preview of the email before a recipient ever clicks into it. Use this space strategically. Write a concise opening to peak interest and inspire enough mystery to encourage a click through. This is as important as your subject line!


5. Add alt-text to your CTA buttons and images

Certain email clients won’t show images. This can include your CTA button. Include the CTA copy in the “alt text” and do the same for your images. This helps the user understand your message even if the images don’t appear.


6. Be engaging.

Yes, we often use email to drive website clickthroughs, but you can front load the engagement by adding it to the email directly. Bonobos does this by asking users to choose their size in exchange for a product discount. This simplifies your conversion funnel and delivers a positive experience while asking for very little in return.


7. Focus!

This goes for your subject line, your message, and your CTA. Start by creating one clear goal for your email and make sure everything drives towards this goal. This starts with a concise subject line that highlights only one key value proposition. From here, make sure your  email message is short and to the point, long emails can trigger spam filters and reduce click-through. Lastly, use one CTA per email. Read more about writing a great subject line here: The Anatomy of a 5-Star Subject line. 


8. Design for mobile

Litmus study done in April 2016 showed 56% of opened emails were opened on mobile devices. At the time that was an 8% increase from the previous year and it continues to grow. Make sure your email looks great and reads clearly on mobile devices before sending.


9.  Work with qualified leads

At EverThere, we deliver our clients with high-intent and qualified leads. This significantly boosts email engagement rates and drives conversion. If you’re interested in learning more, book a demo with us to start generating enriched and qualified leads.