Top 50 Marketing Events of 2018

Searching for the top marketing events of the year? We know that finding the right event is a big challenge. With so many options out there and with a limited budget for attending them all – choosing which conference to concentrate on can be a daunting task. We’ve carefully selected 50 events out of 600 marketing conferences and shows happening in the next few months. Based on the data that Everthere collects, we found these events to be the most engaging in terms of audience, topics and relevance.
Keep an eye on this page to stay updated on global marketing events as we keeping adding more.


Feb 5-8: Email Insider Summit – Grindelwald

Explores how brands can navigate the email landscape to create more hospitable experiences for consumers in 2018.


Feb 6: Social Media Strategies Summit – San Francisco

A social media marketing event for senior-level corporate professionals discussing social media marketing from today’s most successful brands.


Feb 6: GrowthHackers Conference – San Diego

Presents a unique perspective into how some of the fastest growing companies are systematically approaching and scaling sustainable growth.


Feb 6: Affiliate Summit – London

Contains the biggest players in the European affiliate marketing industry – with presentations and panels covering the latest industry trends, analysis and challenges.


Feb 11: Enterprise Chief Marketing Officer Exchange – Los Angeles

An event for CMO’s where cutting-edge marketing strategies are shared and marketing leaders who have been able to transform their departments and organizations are heard.


Feb 19: B2B Marketing Exchange – Scottsdale

A conference on the latest B2B trends, strategies and solutions including interactive content to campaign planning and account-based marketing tools.


Feb 21: Digital Media Summit – Phoenix

A summit for the influencers of their company’s digital marketing and strategic success coming from a variety of companies and organizers including national brands, agencies, tech providers, b2b providers, startups and more.


Feb 26-28: Traffic and Conversion Summit – San Diego

Marketers at this event will learn what’s new and what’s actually working right now in digital marketing. Topics include new traffic channels, new conversion breakthroughs and new selling models.


Feb 27-28: Digital Marketing Innovation Summit – New York

A summit for senior digital leaders which aims to help focus brand communications through targeted SEO, insightful content strategy and personalized outreach.


Feb 27-28: Mobile Innovation Summit – New York

An summit for those looking to utilize new technologies and digital capabilities within their mobile team while learning how to implement and effective platform strategy.


Feb 28 – Mar 2: Social Media Marketing World – San Diego

An event for social marketers and creators to discover the latest tactics and master social media in 2018.


Mar 5-7: Digiday Media Buying Summit – New Orleans

The summit will discuss the current advertising landscape and how media agencies can weather tough times while finding new business opportunities.


Mar 7-8: Marketing Week Live – London

Marketing Week covers everything from brand storytelling, data & analytics and social to content creation, programmatic and mobile.


Mar 8: Engage Conference – Portland

The conference provides expert insight into the latest strategies and advances in digital marketing, including social media, content, UX/design, creative, advertising, SEO paid media.


Mar 11-14: Brand Marketing Insider Summit – Austin

The summit explores how marketers are leveraging data to build customer experiences, tell stories and at the same time measuring impact across channels.


Mar 13-15: SMX West – San Jose

A conference for SEO and SEM professionals, helping marketing practitioners succed with their search marketing goals.


Mar 20-21: Chief Marketing Officer Summit – San Francisco

A gathering of executives leading innovative marketing strategies discussing the importance of interactive content, evolution and surviving social media and other topics.


Mar 21: B2B Marketing Expo – London

An interactive exhibition and conference which is a platform for the tools, solution and groundbreaking insights transforming B2B marketing.


Mar 21: Digiday Publishing Summit – Vail

An event for publishing executives to share their insights on the future of media.


Mar 28: Intrigue Summit – Los Angeles

An event for decision makers from the marketing departments of organizations, including world leading brands.


Apr 2-4: CMO Insight Summit – Sarasota

Senior marketing decision-makers will share their views on effective digital strategy, brand experiences across traditional and digital channels and driving results through effective storyteling.


Apr 11-12: Pubcon Florida – Ft. Lauderdale

Attendees like marketing agencies, consultants and businesses of every size learn about the most effective strategies in SEO, PPC, social media, content development, mobile, video and more.


Apr 11-13: Digiday AI Marketing Summit – Santa Barbara

Brand and agency leaders will dive deep into how marketers can understand and use artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Apr 12 – Modern Marketing Summit – Auckland

Includes CEO’s, CMO’s and CDO’s from top brands and agencies on the hottest topics facing digital and mobile today.


Apr 16-18: Hero Conf – Austin

Hero Conf is an event for quality, all-inclusive PPC education. Includes content for every level of PPC marketer with a focus on innovation and relevance.


Apr 17: Modern Marketing Summit – New York

A summit for top marketers as they share what’s working and what’s not. Talks on which brands are leading the change, pushing boundaries in distribution, engagement and monetization.


Apr 17-18: Digital Summit Seattle – Seattle

Attendees at the summit are the movers and shakers across the digital marketing spectrum from a wide variety of companies including national brands, agencies, service and tech providers, associations and startups.


Apr 18-20: Digital Strategy & Strategy Innovation Summit – Hong Kong

The summit brings together experience from a variety of digital, marketing and strategy leaders, providing an in-depth look at the different industries to show how you can benchmark digital marketing activities against the competition.


Apr 23-25: MarTech Conf – San Jose

MarTech is a forum for the range of marketing technologies and how organization can effectively integrate them into their marketing strategy and operations.


Apr 25-26: MAU 2018 – Las Vegas

A leading mobile acquisition and retention summit for the top mobile brands and leading minds in mobile growth to gather.


Apr 25-17: Digiday Programmatic Marketing Summit Europe – Estoril

Will showcase the strategies of some of Europe’s leading brands and agencies to inspire innovation and challenge the status quo.


May 2-4: Content Marketing Conference – Boston

The conference presents the latest tactics, methods and technology to take content marketing to the next level.


May 7-9: B2B Online – Chicago

An interactive event for ecommerce, digital and marketing executives from leading manufacturers and distributors.


May 11: 3XE Digital – Dublin

3XE brings together the thought leaders from the digital marketing field who provide attendees with actionable takeaways providing you with immediate effect on your marketing campaigns.


May 14: Experiential Marketing Summit – San Francisco

A training conference on experiential marketing where marketers will discuss emerging trends, best practices shared and the biggest case studies are shared.


May 15-17: Gartner Digital Marketing – San Diego

The conference is designed to provide marketing leaders the strategies, insights and tool needed to anticipate and capitalize what’s coming next.


May 16-17: Digital Growth Unleashed – Las Vegas

Contains topics on how to attract the right audience, align business models with the user experience, optimise the value of client relationships and an event that introduces you to the latest marketing technology.


May 16-17: Email Innovations Summit – Las Vegas

The summit will explore, educare and discuss the cutting edge of email marketing trends. Educate yourself on the latest strategies that will drive results, including the latest to methods to drive increased engagement.


May 16-17: AM Days – Las Vegas

An event for everyone who is serious about performance-based affiliate marketing. Included here are brands, affiliate marketers and solution providers.


May 23: Modern Marketing Summit – Chicago

A marketing show which explores the collision of eCommerce, brick and mortar and how auto advertisers are utilizing evolving adtech to become more relevant to their customers.


May 30-Jun 1: Digiday Programmatic Marketing Summit – New Orleans

The summit explores programmatic trends of and what they mean for brand marketers going into the future.


Jun 3-7: eMetrics Summit – Las Vegas

Provides marketing professionals with practical, tactical insights on using data to optimize marketing.


Jun 4-6: CMO Digital Insight Summit – Sarasota

The event discusses moving to next-level storytelling with content creation, distribution and management, personalisation, audience targeting and making send of marketing data in the age of analytics.


June 6-7: Webtrekk Summit – Berlin

Attendees will have the chance to engage with people who are shaping the data-driven digital economy, dissect analytics, marketing, data management and all things digital.


June 7-8: Searchlove Conference – Boston

The conference will discuss the latest in search, analytics, content creation, optimizing your website, paid promotions and more.


Jun 11-13: UnGagged – London

The conference is for intermediate to advanced marketers who want to learn the latest insights and digital marketing strategies on all topics in the digital sphere. Includes SEO, PPC, content marketing, marketing strategy, mobile & social media marketing and more.


Jun 12: Digital Summit – Portland

Talks about the latest digital trends and provides practical, innovative takeaways to apply to your marketing strategy.


Jun 12-13: SMX Paris – Paris

The conference is aimed for experts in corporate search marketing and marketing managers who want to better manage their service providers.


Jun 18-21: Modern Marketing Summit – Cannes

A place where marketing leader can uncover innovative solution to the marketing challenges facing a modern era.


Jun 20-22: iMedia Brand Summit – New Zealand

Senior brand marketers meet to debate and discuss the major strategic issues they face.