How to get a preview of your Digital Swag Bag

To get a good idea of what your digital swag bag looks like, it’s a good idea to always preview it before publishing.

Step 1: Go to the preview tab in your editor screen
Step 2: Click the “Get a sharable preview link” button
Step 3: Copy the link
Step 4: Enter the link in your browser
Step 5: Add your email at the end of the bag to view the “offer email” your attendees will receive with the redeem instructions.
Step 6: Open the same link on your mobile phone to get the real attendee experience

TIP: you can send that link out to your sponsors/partners so that they can check out how their offers look in the Swag bag.

WARNING: The preview link is purely for PREVIEW and will not record any analytics. Make sure you DO NOT use the preview link when sharing the Swag Bag with your attendees.


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